Tokyo Imperial Palace East Gardens

Before the rain started, we decided to walk around the East Gardens of the Tokyo Imperial Palace. This is a neat oasis of nature in the middle of Tokyo. The Imperial Palace in the main residence of the emperor, but we opted not to tour it. Instead, we strolled around the East Gardens. We first crossed the moat and entered under a magnificent gate.

Moat Around Tokyo Imperial Palace


Around a lake grew a plethora of purple flowers (some type of lily, perhaps).

Purple Flowers Around Lake

Lake in East Gardens

More Nature

Even More Nature

In one section, the Ninomaru Garden, symbolic trees represent each prefecture of Japan.

Trees Symbolizing Each Prefecture

A number of beautiful buildings are also contained in the East Gardens, including the Tōkagakudō, or Peach Blossom Music Hall.

Music Hall

Construction of the Edo Castle tower was completed in 1638; however, it burned down a few years later in 1657.  The foundation still remains to this day.

Foundation of Edo Castle Tower

I enjoyed how the view from the foundation has certainly changed over the centuries.

View from Foundation


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  1. Jeff and Marilyn said:

    Wonderful job keeping us a part of your experiences… certainly is beautiful!

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